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How to Add Google Analytics on Blogger

How to Add Google Analytics on a Blogger,Add Google Analytics on a Blogger...
Google Analytics (GA) is a free service that generates detailed statistics about the traffic and visitors to a website or blog. In addition to the usual traffic metrics (pageviews, visits, unique visitors, bounce rate,  time on site etc.), GA also provides comprehensive statistics on website/blog audience, traffic sources, content, keywords and more.

How to Add Google Analytics on a Blogger ?
Step 1:If you don't have account.Creating an account with Google Analytics. You sign up a acount for your website.
Go to to sign up.
Step 2: Install Google Analytics on your blog:
These are two methods to add:
First Method:Add Google Analytics ID on Dashboard
On Dashboard->Settings > Other > Google Analytics

Save Settings.
Second Method:Add Google Analytics code
On Google Analytics page go to Admin->Tracking Info to get your tracking code:
On blogger,Go to Template > Edit HTML find </body> tag.Add above tracking code before </body> tag.
Save your template.
It could take 24 hours before your first data to appear in your account. This is because Google Analytics updates reports every 24 hours. 

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